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Urbana, IL
Wooden Ramp
Indianapolis Buildings
Alum @ U of I @2016 Art BySilent Studio

Alum @ U of I

At the University of Illinois the Alumni Building is a beautiful piece of architectural splendor.  A very modern building that celebrates past and future U of I graduates. Feed the...
Wooden Backstairs @2016 Art BySilent Studio

Wooden Backstairs

Through out Chicago and the suburbs many apartment buildings and multiple occupant buildings  have wooden staircases as their backstairs and emergency exits.  When I first moved to the Chicago...
A Greek Place @2016 Art BySilent Studio

A Greek Place

At college and universities all over Greek Rows exist where fraternities and sororities can be found.  These organizations help mold the future of young men and women create bonds that...
Next Door to the Museum

Next Door to the Museum

Next to the Racine Museum is an older building from the mid-20th Century.  With brick work that shows age with a metal fire escape.  ©2016 Art BySilent Studio Feed the...
On the Corner

On the Corner

Driving around Quincy, IL found this building that just had this unique shape all around it a sheet metal company has its material all stacked up.  Open space all...


Winfred Knox Memorial Library in Franklin Grove, IL a modern library in a small town where one can find the Lincoln Highway National Museum. ©2016 Art BySilent Studio Feed the Starving Photographer The...