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There were better times - BW

There were better times – BW

Barns across Illinois can be found in this condition.  They eventually will crumble to the ground then cleared away so more ground to increase crop production.  This is happening as...
Better Days - BW

Better Days – BW

Throughout Illinois barns are in various states of decay as many farms move away from livestock to agriculture use.  These structures will be left to decay will they collapse...
Mail Pouch Barn @2016 Art BySilent Studio

Mail Pouch Barn

Barns all over the mid-west have been used as billboards.  Mail Pouch Tobacco did a lot of barn advertising. Feed the Starving Photographer The honor system is observed. All images on...
In the Rafters @2016 Art BySilent Studio

In the Rafters

A barn in Sycamore, IL