Crossing the Mississippi River - Quincy, IL (B&W)
Crossing the Mississippi River – Quincy, IL (B&W)

The Bayview Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge bringing westbound U.S. Route 24 (US 24) over the Mississippi River. It connects the cities of West Quincy, Missouri and Quincy, Illinois. Eastbound US 24 is served by the older Quincy Memorial Bridge.

The bridge was built at a cost of $32 million, $3 million over budget, to alleviate traffic over the downstream Memorial Bridge. It was built before the extension of Interstate 72 (I-72) west into Hannibal, Missouri. Traffic levels increased when the existing, downstream US 36 bridge over the Mississippi River was closed to make room for the new I-72 bridge.  ©2017 Art BySilent Studio

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